Interrogating Hong Kong Students’ Superior Performance in PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study)

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Speakers: Prof. Shek Kam Tse and Dr. Yin-kum Law

Date: 12 November 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 12:30-2:00 pm

Venue: Room 205 Runme Shaw Building  [Sandwiches will be served with tea and coffee]

Chair: Prof. Amy B M Tsui



Topic 1: A multilevel analysis of PIRLS 2011 data from Hong Kong

By Prof. Shek Kam Tse

Hong Kong Grade 4 students ranked first in reading ability among 45 countries in PIRLS 2011. Professor Shek kam Tse will present an analysis of the reading-related affective factors, home environment and school environment impacting on the reading proficiency of  3875 participating students.

Topic 2: The Chinese Reading Classroom Paradox: Outstanding Reading Outcomes vs. Lowest Reading Motivation

By Dr. Yin-kum Law

Dr. Yin-kum Law will present her views on Hong Kong Children outperforming children from other countries in PIRLS reading comprehension but having the lowest reading motivation of children from other countries. Some suggestions for further research on “The Chinese Reading Classroom Paradox” will be discussed. .

About the speakers

Shek Kam Tse is a Professor in the Division of Language and Literature and Honorary Director of CACLER of the Faculty of Education. He is also the National Research Coordinator of Hong Kong in PIRLS. His research interests include Chinese as L1 and L2 and reading literacy.

Dr. Yin-kum Law is an Associate Professor in the Division of Chinese Language & Literature in the Faculty of Education. Her research areas include Chinese reading comprehension, reading motivation, and innovative reading instruction programmes for Hong Kong primary and secondary students.


 PowerPoint Slides of the two talks: