About Science of Learning Strategic Research Theme (SoL-SRT)

Vision and Mission of the Theme

Our Vision

To further build on the rich research expertise in learning research across the University coming from diverse paradigms and perspectives of learning to advance the field of Learning Sciences by constructing multilevel models/theories of learning that build on the current understanding of and methodologies used for diverse aspects of learning (such as neural physiological, functional, cognitive and socio-affective aspects of language learning) through multidisciplinary research teams.

Mission Statement

To contribute to advances in learning-related policy and practice that are grounded on the more nuanced understanding of learning as a complex phenomenon developed through the envisioned new programs of research.

Focus of the Theme

Overall focus

Developing focused, multilevel, multidisciplinary research programs to support theory building and evidence-based policy and practice related to learning, building on our strengths in learning research across the University.

Three Subthemes

  1. Subtheme 1: Integrating neural, cognitive and pedagogical approaches to learning research and educational intervention
  2. Subtheme 2: Learning and assessment
  3. Subtheme 3: Building tools and theory for learning across levels