Workshop on Technology and Wellbeing in the Top End Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, April 29-30

Everyday consumer technologies, including mobile and wearable devices, are shaping the ways Australians access information, communicate and perform daily tasks. However, the application of these technologies for improving health and wellbeing has been slow. We are seeking to initiate new collaborations that span computing, health, education, engineering, and other disciplines. Of particular interest is the experience of immigrant and indigenous communities in the Top End. This two-day workshop will bring together researchers, app developers, and leaders from community organisations, for presentations and discussions on the following topics:

• state-of-the-art in mobile technology for health and wellbeing
• technology for sharing narratives of personal resilience
• designing and evaluating apps for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations
• needs assessment for self-management of chronic health conditions
• methods for connecting across languages, cultures and worldviews

The program will consist of presentations, discussions, and working groups, and we expect to produce recommendations that will guide new initiatives in technology and wellbeing.

More information can be found here:

The workshop is being organised by Assoc Prof Steven Bird and will interest app developers.