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Interactive Class with Tablet PC and Smartphone

[speaker]By Wilton Fok[/speaker]

Fok, Wilton WT. “Interactive Class with Tablet PC and Smartphone.” E-Learning in a changing landscape of emerging echnologies and pedagogies. 2012.


Smart phones and tablet PCs are very popular nowadays. Many schools use these new tools for teaching and learning. The e-Learning Technology Development Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering had developed a mobile learning tool called iClass. This tool can facilitate teachers to conduct interactive classes through iPhone, iPad and other Android devices. Students can use their mobile devices to share their ideas and express their views by drawing pictures and writing keywords. Their works can be sent to the lecture screen through the air in real-time. They can also learn from their peer group through the peer review function on the device. The system also supports an editable e-book for assignment submission and 2D barcode to facilitate field trip or technical visit. In this seminar, the recent trends of mobile learning technologies and the iClass system will be introduced. A few examples on how teachers can use smart phones and tablet PCs for interactive mobile learning will be demonstrated. The experience of few trails conducted in various HKU departments and local schools will also be discussed in this paper.