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Literacy development

[speaker]Dr. Wu-Ying Hsieh[/speaker]
[speaker]Ms Aditi Dubey-Jhaveri[/speaker]
[date]18th March, 2014[/date]
[time]12:30 to 14:00[/time]
[venue]Room204, Rumme Shaw Building, HKU[/venue]

Literacy, generally defined as the ability to read and write, constitutes a set of skills that are essential for academic and life success. To support literacy learning is one of the primary objectives of school education. In recent decades of globalization, the development of literacy skills has been extended to language(s) other than one’s mother tongue. In this Symposium, two scholars will share their research on literacy development. With their different target languages (L1 vs L2), theoretical frameworks, research approaches and age ranges of learners, the two presentations will provide distinct yet complementary insights into literacy research, research methodology as well as teacher education. 

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