Supporting collaboration with technology: does shared cognition lead to co-regulation in medicine?

Susanne P Lajoie

Jingyan Lu

Lajoie, S. P. & Lu, J. (2012). Supporting collaboration with technology: Does shared cognition lead to co-regulation in medicine? Metacognition and Learning. (7), 45-62. 10.1007/s11409-011-9077-5

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Although course management systems (CMSs) were originally designed for teachers to manage their teaching, little interest has been directed at students’ learning. Moodle is usually regarded as a CMS. However, how to make full use of its powerful features and design them into learning tools has rarely been investigated. This study investigates two features, embedded in the Moodle system, wiki and assessment tools, to find out how they are designed to support project-based learning. The theory and rationale for using these two features in learning activities are elaborated. The effects of wiki-supported collaboration, peer grading, and feedback on junior secondary students’ enquiries in liberal studies are analyzed using hierarchical multiple regression. One hundred and eighty-six students participated in the study. Working on their own wikis, commenting on the work of peers, and previous performance on the humanities course were found to be significant predictors of liberal study project performance.