Situational analysis of young children in a changing world

Engle, P.L., Rao, N., & Petrovic, O. (2013). Situational analysis of young children in a changing world. In P.R. Britto, P.L. Engle, & C. Super (Eds.). Handbook of early child development research and its impact on global policy. New York: Oxford University Press.


Young children do not develop their full potential development due to risk factors such as poverty HIV/AIDS and emergencies, including natural disasters, armed conflict, violence, or internal migration.  This chapter examines proximal and distal risk factors for child development and changes over time when data are available,   and summarizes evidence to guide policies and programs. It highlights the effects of contextual changes such as urbanization, external migration, changes in gender roles, and environmental issues which influence the contexts in which young children grow and develop.