Motor learning in dentistry – a vision of the future?


30th May (Friday), 2014

12:30 to 14:00pm

Runme Shaw Building 205, The University of Hong Kong

Dr Suzanne Perry

This presentation is part of SoL-SRT Symposium – Interdisciplinary research on motor learning.


The modern dental school curriculum should provide a combination of knowledge, clinical planning skills and procedural skills to allow on graduation a competent dentist. Surgical studies involving procedural skills with haptic simulation have been so far encouraging, but little research has been carried out in the dental setting to assess such a potential.

The present pilot study is investigating differences between novice and experienced dentists using haptic simulation and EEG (Electroencephalography). A set task was carried out on a dental haptic simulator to assess performance differences between the two groups, simultaneously recording EEG from three specific regions of the brain: T3 (verbal-analytical), T4 (visuospatial) and FZ (motor planning). This information may give insight to assess if subjects using the dental haptic simulators process information in the same way as other fields such as medicine and sports sciences, and may be able to guide motor learning pathways for students.

About the speaker

Dr Suzanne Perry was qualified and worked as a dentist in the UK for 10 years prior to coming to Hong Kong. In 2012, she received a Master’s degree in Orthodontics from HKU and began her PhD in dental education in 2013, with the Hong Kong Fellowship. Her PhD study focuses on motor learning and the use of simulation technology in dentistry. In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys many sports and has represented HKU at both rugby and football.

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