Linking diagnostics and rehabilitation in cognitive neuropsychology

January 13, 2014


Room 820, Meng Wah Building, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Glyn Humphreys, Oxford University

This workshop is part of Winter Institute 2014.


In this workshop I will review work we have undertaken in the Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory linked to improving the diagnostic assessment of individuals with brain injury and then linking these diagnostics to new rehabilitation methods. We aim to improve diagnostics by targeting assessment at key problems associated with the particular disorders and using both clinically applicable and sensitive measures, taking advantage of modern technology. The assessments are also designed to lead into rehabilitation – separating out ‘domain specific’ problems in cognition from ‘domain general’ deficits that affect several cognitive processes. These approaches to assessment and rehabilitation are taken from cases of acquired brain injury but apply more generally to include developmental cases too.

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