iClass Assessment: A Pen-Based Assessment and Feedback Platform

Fok, W. W. T., and C. K. Y. Chan. “iClass Assessment: A Pen-Based Assessment and Feedback Platform.” Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on. IEEE, 2013.


In recent years, the demand of in-class interaction and assessment for learning is rising. There is more emphasis on using electronic tools for assessment for learning in order to facilitate teachers seeking to identify and diagnose student learning problems, and providing quality feedback for students on how to improve their work. This paper discusses the challenges of e-assessment and introduced a pen-based assessment and feedback platform developed in Hong Kong. The platform can provide an efficient and effective channel for providing feedback so as to monitor any learning difficulties and help teachers to diagnose students’ prior skills and abilities, providing feedback for them to adjust the curriculum or provide additional assistance accordingly.