An Evaluation of Video Learning for Clinical Skills

Dr. Botelho


Speaker: Dr. Michael Botelho, Faculty of Dentistry, HKU
Date: 20 July 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00-13:00
Venue: Room 802, Meng Wah Complex 8/F, HKU


Video based learning has grown significantly in recent years due to the ease of access and popularity of internet based resources for both learning and entertainment. Their use has largely been focused on knowledge transfer in the form of lecture presentations or MOOCs. In health care, while considered to have many advantages, instructional or “how-to” videos are popular but unless endorsed by their faculty are not considered authoritative to students’ needs.

There are other types of video learning experiences that can target higher order thinking skills which can support clinical learning, decision making and problem solving. Observational or vicarious learning of one-on-one video recorded teaching and learning moments can be captured and archived for shared asynchronous learning to other students. These can be used in a student centric, problem orientated approach to targeting learners’ needs. These learning moments can be authentic and authoritative to a range of learning situations and requirements and which allows viewers to be active in the teaching moment and allow control of their own learning pace.